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Have you spent a considerable amount of time on a landing page that yields no results? Or perhaps, they weren’t as you expected? It can happen to anyone, and many times people are stuck in trying to find out landing page tips that can boost their conversions. 

Let’s look at the top 5 landing page tips that will yield you more conversions and give your page the required boost. 

Best landing page tips for conversions 

  1. Reducing the average number of forms 

It might strike as something simple, but the effect is rather profound. Most landing pages use an average number of 11 form fields. However, it has been determined that reducing these form fields to a limited number of 4 can result in a 120% increase in conversions. It is a tweak that can yield better results and may even help marketers reach and surpass their conversion targets. 

  1. The magic remains in the headline 

There can’t be enough said about the importance of headlines and their impact on conversions. Hence, the best landing page tips can’t be shared without mentioning the headline. The headline is vital as it helps people assess the page better without going into the details. A catchy yet purposeful website will attract visitors and make them stay longer on your page. So, don’t forget to use headlines that are compelling and yet do a great job of conveying the necessary information. 

  1. Reduce the friction points 

Forbes suggests reducing the friction points can be of immense help in increasing the conversion rate of the landing page. So, it is vital to remain focused on the goal – to give the visitor a pleasant visit and make sure that they convert. Several factors can be addressed while addressing friction points. Your landing page shouldn’t distract visitors with unnecessary navigation bars or irrelevant information. Additionally, place the CTA so that it is easily visible. Subsequently, create a visually appealing but impactful landing page. 

  1. Make your landing pages responsive 

The last thing that a marketer needs is a landing page performing short on a mobile phone or taking long to respond. Landing pages must respond swiftly across all devices, including desktops, laptops, and mobile phones. So, it is vital to make sure that the visitor has a pleasant experience. Part and parcel of a pleasant experience is a landing page that is responsive and easy to navigate. 

  1. Incorporate the art of storytelling 

Storytelling is a tool that can help in generating more leads and getting more conversions. A great way to incorporate storytelling is by adding a targeted video to your landing page. It can convey all the required information to the consumer without any active input from them. However, videos should be short, well-timed, and of high quality. A poor-quality video will deter a consumer away instead of attracting them. On the contrary, great videos can help monumentally in increasing the conversion rate. The best landing page tips are those that address your specific concern on each landing page. So, it is important to see the lacking areas and then work accordingly. An even better way is to enlist the help of experts like Krotov Studio to take your landing pages to the ultimate next level.